The View is Better from Why

A firm grip held the microphone steady above the scene in the boom operator’s hands. His breathing was steady and quiet for each take until the director called, “Cut.” Qualified to do any number of creative tasks – writing, storyboarding, set designing, shooting, lighting, editing – he was there to do one job that day … Continue reading The View is Better from Why

Great Marketing Won’t Save You

The state of today's advertising is much like having thousands of toddlers clawing at your pant legs. Now that you can carry the world around in your pocket, they're slobbering on you 24/7. Whether they're happy and adorable or whiny and wailing doesn't matter. It's relentless and overwhelming. It's a bombardment that we've gotten very good at tuning out. We're tired. We're jaded. The babies are starving and we … Continue reading Great Marketing Won’t Save You

Gave Myself a Facelift

It's been a long time coming, but I finally gave this blog a fresh look. And it feels good. Like a fresh haircut. Now if I can just devote some time and energy to regular posts ...