I’m Having an Affair

Confession time: I've been unfaithful. I didn't mean for it to happen ... it just ... happened. My blog and I have simply grown apart. I can't truthfully say that I don't love my blog, I've simply been spending more and more time with Twitter. Twitter really understands me. Understands my short attention span; my … Continue reading I’m Having an Affair

Presenting at MinistryCOM 2009

It's official. I am really excited to have been asked to present a breakout session at this year's MinistryCOM Conference in Chicago, September 10-11. If you are unfamiliar, MinistryCOM is "the only national organization dedicated to recognizing and supporting ministry communications professionals." But it's not only for churches. Many other ministries, non-profits, and parachurch organizations … Continue reading Presenting at MinistryCOM 2009